Feeding our Mana

Brief summary of Project:

This project will address food insecurity in Maori and Pasifika communities in Queensland with the aim to develop strategies and portfolio of solutions that are co-designed with the communities to  improve food insecurity (FI).

It uses Participatory action research and Pacific indigenous method  – Talanoa  to understand how food insecurity (FI) is framed and experienced in Maori and Pasifika communities (within collective cultures) in Queensland and identify appropriate questions (instruments) including prevalence and impact on FI in the communities

Its unique feature is that it will be designed and created in partnership with the community – ‘with, for and by the community’. It engages Maori & Pasifika youth researchers ( peer researchers) and steering committee members in the design, development and implementing of the project informing outcomes relevant to the community. Trainings in research skills including data collection, analysis, use of photovoice, use of talanoa, ethics, cultural safety and mental health will also be provided to build community capacity

Who we are engaging with i.e. community stakeholders or partner groups?

This project is collaborating with Maori and Pasifika communities and organisations in Queensland including key organisations such as Pasifika Women’s Alliances Inc (PWA), The Good Start Program Children’s Health Queensland, Kiwi Daddy’s, Ethnic Community Council Queensland (ECCQ), 4EB Ethnic Radio- Pacific Community Journalist & Radio Broadcaster,  Kingdom Community Life Care Ltd, Community Elders ( Maori, PNG, Fiji, Samoa, Rotuma) and  Community Youths (Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa. These organisational representatives are also members of the Pasifika community groups in Queensland.

Desired outcomes of the projects

  • In-depth understanding of how FI is conceptualised in collective Maori & Pasifika communities
  • Development of infographic and summary for organisational websites and social media sites
  • Prevalence and social determinants of FI for advocacy purposes
  • A portfolio of solutions designed and created with communities to support families living with food insecurity in Queensland.

Vision for research (Long term vision)

Develop opportunities, interventions and advocacy solutions to improve or reduce P.I in Maori & Pasifika communities

Published by

Pasifika Women's Alliance Inc.

The Pasifika Women’s Alliance is a non-political, nonsectarian, not-for-profit culturally diverse network consisting of women who have migrated to Australia from 22 Pacific Island countries and territories. The alliance seeks to build and strengthen a Queensland sisterhood of Pacific Islander women and to raise the awareness of members as to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and encourages their participation in all aspects of community life.