Leniata Legacy – Domestic Violence

Violence is a plague that hinders world development in all facets. Gender-based violence is a form of violence that has crippled nations from the root as it affects not only our women but the blossoming of children that are growing up in violent homes. Sister organisation to PWA, the Leniata Legacy envisions to drive awareness and momentum from an international platform for gender based violence in PNG.

Over the years this campaign has served to create aggressive awareness of the violence that visits our homes not only in PNG but throughout the world to make the issue of gender-based violence relevant.

As a sister organisation, PWA strongly supports the work of the Leniata Legacy and aids to create awareness, educate and empower women who suffer from violence as well as family & friends of victims.

If you would like to get in contact with the Leniata Legacy please email: keparileniata@gmail.com