PWA Multicultural Month Celebrations 2019

On behalf of the Pasifika Women’s Alliance we thank all those who celebrated QLD Multicultural Month with us at our screening of the film series – ‘Pawa Meri’ (Powerful Women) last Friday, 30th August! We thank in particular our friends at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for providing us with a copy of ‘Pawa Meri’ to share with our community.

We are sure all those in attendance would agree what an incredible series it was; portraying the lives of Papua New Guinean women who have achieved extraordinary things in their life and representing a variety of themes relevant to development not just in Papua New Guinea but throughout the Pacific.

A special mention to Umu Kitchen for providing a beautiful menu for us, our gracious MC – Glenda Stanley, My Father’s daughter, Ysabelle Mellam & Inca Chow for our raffle prizes, BEMAC staff and the PWA events team.

Photo Credit: Yvette Mellam