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Warm Pasifika Greetings,

On behalf of the PWA Board 2020, we welcome you to the official Pasifika Women’s Alliance Inc. (PWA) website.

Due to the restrictions set in place, PWA has had to make a transition to host activities online. In our most recent PWA Newsletter, we share what we’ve been up to during isolation in order to stay connected, a few new projects for PWA as well as hear from PWA members who have been on the frontlines during the pandemic.

If there is one thing for sure, 2020 will be a year we won’t forget! As restrictions slowly ease, we encourage you to continue to stay safe and stay connected.

Iree Chow (2)

– Iree Chow, PWA President 2020


PWA - Flower Only Logo (Transparent background)

Medication Adherence Project - Recruitment Flyer


We would like to interview you!
We want to understand how you are going with your diabetes and your medicines.

Our hope is to better support the Maori and Pacific Islander community in Australia with Type 2 diabetes.

Please share this post with your friends and family!

Contact: Natasha Taufatofua | n.sue@uq.edu.au | Pasifika Medicines Support for Diabetes and Chronic Conditions